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Fitment Calculator

Take a look at our fitment / offset calculator to get a rough idea of how many mms in or out your new aftermarket rims will sit in relation to your standard rims.


This is not taking into consideration tyres so bare this in mind when measuring up.


Click here to download offset calculator before reading instructions below.



1. First let’s talk WIDTH.

Take the standard width of your factory wheels and compare against the aftermarket width:


Les has a new PX Ranger XLT Dual Cab that comes standard with 17x8 alloys.  He wants to go to a 17x9. 


2. Go to CHART 1

Look up 8” in the left hand column and 9” in the top column which gives you 12.7mm.  Keep this number in mind:


Les’ Ranger comes standard with a 55+ offset.  So this means the bolt up face sits 55mm past the centreline towards the face of the rim.  The aftermarket wheel that Les wants to put on has an offset of 25+, so…...


3. Let’s go to CHART 2:

Take 55+ from the left hand side “standard offset” and match up to the "aftermarket column" of 25+ which gives you “out 30mm”.


4. Now for some basic calculations;

Take 12.7 from chart 1 and add it to 30 from chart 2.  This gives us 42.7mm. 


So, if Les is to put his new 17x9 at 25+ aftermarket alloy on his new PX Ranger, it’s going to sit approximately 42.7mm further OUT than where his factory alloys sit now. 


Remember to take into consideration how much room you have in the guards… you might be surprised to know that your vehicle can take a lower offset than you originally thought.


Please feel free to connect with the crew for any help working out the perfect aftermarket fit for you.  Remember we also sell flares!


This is meant as a guide only. 

No responsibility is taken by Sin City Rims when measuring your own vehicle.

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