Sin City Rims provide a unique, customised experience when purchasing aftermarket 4x4 alloys and fibreglass flares

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy wheels online - Guaranteed Fitment or Your Money Back!

If you’re unsure – always ask!  We have a “guaranteed fitment or your money back” policy so you have peace of mind when making your purchase.  We ask you to confirm vehicle year, make and model upon finalising your order so we can confirm fitment and send you the correct accessories.


It’s the BUYER’S responsibility to check and confirm fitment with us prior to purchase


All items are covered by the manufactures warranty.


We recommend all wheels be regularly washed with warm, mild soapy water only as other chemicals can ruin your alloy wheel finish and may void warranty by manufacturers, we further recommend wheels be washed regularly as built up grime, dust and brake dust can cause deterioration in the alloy wheel finish.


Any modifications or additions to your vehicle are of your own accord and it is up to you to determine if wheels will fit with modifications as we cannot guarantee all fitments after any modifications unless previously specified.


No exchange or refund for change of mind or when a tyre has been fitted.



What You Get

All alloy wheel purchases come with accessories including wheel nuts, hub locators if required, centre caps and decals.




All brands we sell are backed by a 12-month warranty on finish and a lifetime warranty on the structure of the wheel.  Hold onto your receipt and if you experience any problems, just contact us.



Outside The Guards


Love a wheel but it will sit outside of your guard? No problems – connect with the crew for flare options for your 4x4.


If all else fails please contact us!  We have many years of first hand fitment knowledge for most 4x4’s and can help with what will work, what won’t, what may scrub and where it may sit… so just ask the experts!



Aftermarket Alloy Wheel Care


Mild, soapy water is all you need to get your new alloys shiny and clean again.  Some detergents can ruin your finish so steer clear of those…


Regularly cleaning your rims is the way to go as brake dust and general road/offroad muck can wreck the alloy.





If you’ve had any additions/modifications done to your 4x4, please let us know prior to purchasing your alloy as some (like brake upgrades etc) may change our general fitment guide. If unsure, a fitment check can be carried out or measurements taken if you’re interstate.


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