Sin City Rims provide a unique, customised experience when purchasing aftermarket 4x4 alloys and fibreglass flares

About Us

Sin City Rims have been successfully expanding in the Online 4x4 Automotive Aftermarket Accessory industry Australia wide since January 2011.


Think of us as your one-stop-4x4-shop!  We can supply as little as new rims or as much a full custom fit out including wheels, tyres, flares, suspension, custom graphic kits, snorkels, grilles + more!


We can freight all goods Australia wide or supply and install at one of our preferred fitting locations around Brisbane.


When buying aftermarket wheels, we need to take into consideration a whole bunch of things about your 4x4, not just rims that will work, but wheels that’ll give you everything you need from aesthetics to usability. 
Which is why we have created a custom FITMENT guide, making sure we not only give you the best quality product on the market, but they also work with other accessories you have, or will be installing, as well as achieve the end result you have in mind like… what ‘look’ you’re going for or desired effect, how you use your 4x4, views on ‘keeping it legal’ and the practicalities!! 

We do all the mathematical calculations so no need to get into trying to learn the ins & outs of the 4x4 tech spec world!  


TO GET THE RIGHT FIT FOR YOUR TRUCK, whether you have 100mm flares or no flares, CONTACT US with all the info of your vehicle (flares, lift, rim/tyre size etc) & we'll give you the BEST FITMENT WHEEL &/OR TYRE to give you the EXACT, DESIRED LOOK YOU'RE CHASING. 


That's what we do! it's in our blood ...


From the Crew @ SIN CITY RIMS


“ ... your truck should be a reflection of your personality ...”

Life’s to short to ride with factory accessories.
Lift her. Widen her. Tuff’n her up. 



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